Unicon takes a new direction

20 Apr 2021

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, April 20, 2021 – Unicon Software is pleased to announce the following changes to the management structure starting this new fiscal year. These changes reflect a new direction by Unicon Software to ensure its deep commitment toward its enterprise customers, channel-, technology- partners in the end-user computing (EUC) space.

Philipp Benkler will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will be responsible for all aspects of the company’s performance. He previously co-founded and led Testbirds for 10 years, an innovative platform that enabled companies in optimizing digital products experiences while also empowering a community of individuals spread across geographies. Mr. Benkler remarked, “I am looking forward to working with our ever growing customer base and our robust network of channel-, technology-partners that are keen on shaping the EUC market that is constantly evolving to meet the requirements and needs of enterprises. With companies looking to leverage the full potential of cloud computing and how it helps deliver digital workspaces seamlessly in all scenarios – be it home, office or home office.”

Mario Becherer joins in as Chief Operating Officer (COO) directly responsible for day-to-day administrative and operational functions at Unicon Software. Mario was previously associated with Celonis, a leader in the Execution Management System (EMS) and brings his rich experience in optimizing and unlocking business potential by streamlining internal and external workflows and processes that will help Unicon Software reach its potential in serving its channel ecosystem, technology partners and customers in the best possible way.

Michael Wagner will take on the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO) overseeing the current and future direction of Unicon Software’s flagship products – the eLux RP thin client operation system and Scout Enterprise Management Suite. Michael has been associated with Unicon since 2008 in various capacities such as Technical Sales Management, QA and Release Management and Product Management and is part of Unicon management since 2014. He was previously associated with one of the largest IT service provider for the banking and financial sectors in Germany and has deep expertise in enterprise computing scenarios. Michael has spent the last few years establishing and expanding key partner relationships furthering Unicon’s focus in enhancing a best-in-class product portfolio that delivers a great customer experience while contributing to organizational growth and extending industry leadership in the EUC space.

Jan Bungeroth  is taking over newer responsibilities as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Unicon Software and was earlier associated in the development of the Scout Enterprise Management Suite offering these last 5 years. Owing to the growing demand from the enterprise customer base the software development team is set to grow under the leadership of Jan in the next couple of months. Unicon Software is investing further in recruiting talent that will help build its product offerings and support the needs of enterprise computing and the EUC space enabling its customers better outcomes through lean IT, business continuity and overall security.

Unicon Software continues to engage deeply with its ecosystem of channel partners. The next couple of weeks will have announcements with various new initiatives and programs in the partner space with an aim toward fostering an atmosphere of co-creating and collaboration. Unicon Software is established firmly in the EUC market delivering value through innovative product solutions that our enterprise customers have come to expect over the last few years.