Successful attendance at the Fujitsu Forum 2013 in Munich

14 Nov 2013

The team of Unicon Software is proud of the successful attendance at the Fujitsu Forum, which is Fujitsu’s largest IT-event in Europe. Fujitsu Technology Solutions is one of Unicon’s long-term OEM-partners. More than 11.000 visitors from over 80 countries attended the Fujitsu Forum on 06th and 07th of November, 2013 in Munich. Keynotes and roundtables were presented by strategists, decision makers and experts. These speakers outline potential scenarios that will enable people to reshape ICT, business and society,  which also expressed  the slogan of the event. Visitors were able to choose their favorite topics from about 470 Expert Talks offered at the Fujitsu Forum. Highly appreciated were the Expert Talks about our hardware independent thin client computing solutions: Scout Enterprise and eLux RP. “The Expert Talks are an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate our software solutions to descision makers and to point out the remarkable advantages we offer companies in the area of desktop virtualization”, explains Tobias Weilbeer, Technical Sales Manager at Unicon Software GmbH. Additionally, our flexible software solutions were showcased in combination with Fujitsu hardware in the House of Virtualization. In times of Cloud computing customers need special IT-solutions offering sector independency, best data security and guaranteed economically effectiveness. Scout Enterprise, the multi-user capable management software and eLux RP, the thin client operating system, correspond perfectly to those future-oriented requirements!

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