Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15.7.0 CR and ELIAS 18.2.0 released

30 Aug 2019

Enhancements of Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15.7.0 CR

  • Configurable maintenance windows allow central control of maintenance tasks exclusively for authorized administrators
  • Application definition templates enable you to customize the initial values for application types in the application definition dialogs
  • Due to the availability of the web-based Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18, the initial installation of the Scout Enterprise Management Suite in standard mode no longer includes the legacy ELIAS component. This does not affect updates from earlier Scout Enterprise versions.
  • Starting with eLux RP 6.7.0, a remote factory reset can be performed while preserving local configurations (unlocked fields)
  • Display of live information icons on the eLux system bar is configurable now
  • Display of friendly names for predefined commands in the Scout Enterprise Console, also in the Command info


Enhancements of Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18.2.0

  • The web-based Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18 is also available for Linux server now
  • An info page listing supported web browsers is displayed when an unsupported web browser is used
  • Language and date format can now be configured separately for EN and DE in the user profile settings
  • The pre-installed container shown in the initial installation is named UC_RP6_X64
  • Improved display of user notifications in the lower right section of the browser window
  • Improved system feedback for the import process