Scout Enterprise V13.4.2 and eLux™ RP V4.3.0

14 Jan 2014

Scout Enterprise V13.4.2 and eLux™ RP V4.3.0 offer effective and economical thin client computing.

From now on, additional and improved functionalities are available for the management software Scout Enterprise and for the Linux based operating system eLux™ RP.

Scout Enterprise V13.4.2:

The integration of dynamic client groups in order to execute cross-OU commands to a specific selection of devices is from now on guaranteed. The multi-tenancy capability of the Scout Report Generator enables that the existing admin policies are considered for the report generation. In order to enhance the Scout Enterprise help-desk possibilities, a separate mirroring tool is from now on available. This tool is the so-called Scout Mirror, which can be run as a standalone program. The administrator rights already defined in the Scout console, will be applied to the mirror tool. The Scout Enterprise connection security is improved, due to the fact that only known clients can be added to the Scout console.

eLux™ RP V4.3.0:

The Citrix Realtime Optimization Pack 1.4.100 for Microsoft® Lync 2010 is integrated in eLux™ RP V4.3.0.

Download Scout Enterprise V13.4.2

Download eLux RP V4.3.0