Scout Enterprise Management Suite ® 15.0.0 CR and eLux ® RP 6.0.0 CR Technical Preview released

14 Jul 2017

The new version of our base operating system eLux ® RP 6 is now available as technical preview.

Enhancements of Scout Enterprise Management Suite ® 15.0.0 CR

  • Improved and consolidated installation process for all components 
  • New license management for simplified administration of the license inventory
  • Individual license assignment of product licenses to clients for Fluendo and PowerTerm 
  • Transfer of licenses to another Scout Enterprise Server
  • Range of image files provided in the firmware tab of device configuration can be predefined
  • Creation of an individual recovery image via ELIAS to produce a recovery USB stick with StickWizz
  • New navigation area with tree view within the Dashboard device view

Enhancements of eLux ® RP 6.0.0 CR Technical Preview

  • New desktop user interface
  • Pre-licensed eLux for simplified license management with Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15
  • Linux kernel version 4.9.30 (longterm release)
  • Firefox web browser 52.0 (ESR)
  • Chromium web browser 57.0.2987.98
  • VMware Horizon View Client 4.5

See also the Client HCL and Release information for the client models and software functionalities supported by this version of eLux RP 6.

Download Scout Enterprise 15.0.0 CR and eLux RP 6.0.0 CR Technical Preview