Scout Enterprise Management Suite ® 14.8.0, eLux ® RP 5.4.0 and Scout Enterprise Dashboard 1.4.0 released

14 Oct 2016

Enhancements of Scout Enterprise Management Suite ® 14.8.0

  • Configurable selection of applications to be inherited from parent
  • Assignment of report definitions to administrators or groups
  • Configurable location for the server log file
  • Option for formatting the update partition of thin clients

Enhancements of eLux ® RP 5.4.0

  • Improved  configuration of USB mass storage devices 
  • Selectable domain entries within the eLux AD login dialog
  • Secure client state after an interrupted mirror session
  • Citrix Receiver for Linux version 13.4.1
  • Firefox web browser 45.3.0 (ESR)
  • Chromium web browser 53.0.2785.143
  • Java Runtime SE 8 Update 102
  • NoMachine 5

Enhancements of Scout Enterprise Dashboard 1.4.0

  • New page Command history to log Update, Delivery and User-defined commands
  • Reports can be made available only to defined administrators or groups
  • Windows Authentication mode for the connection between web server and SQL server is supported now
  • Messages can be sent with individual title

Download Scout Enterprise 14.8.0eLux RP 5.4.0 and Scout Enterprise Dashboard 1.4.0