Scout Enterprise Management Suite ® 14.4.0 and eLux ® RP 4.9.0 released

06 Jul 2015

Enhancements of Scout Enterprise Management Suite ® 14.4.0

  • New field for autostart resources in the Citrix StoreFront application definition
  • Improved OU filter handling
  • Report generator can now provide reports about the size of the client update partition
  • Enhancement of the screen resolution list in the client setup and the option to add individual screen resolutions to the database table
  • More information in the command history dialog and the possibility to cancel a running job

Enhancements of eLux ® RP 4.9.0

  • Citrix Receiver for Linux 13.1.4
  • Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 1.8 Build 258 for Microsoft Lync with support for Skype for Business
  • Mozilla Firefox 38.0 (ESR)
  • AMD graphics driver support for the Steppe Eagle platform
  • Adobe Flash Player version
  • Java SE8 Update 45

Important for the creation of custom-made eLux packages with eLux Builder Kit/GUI for eLux RP 4.9.0 and higher:

  • New kernel configuration for the eLux devVM 

Download eLux RP 4.9 and Scout Enterprise 14.4.0 and  eLux devVM update