Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18 Technical Preview

04 Dec 2018

The web-based eLux Image Administration Service (ELIAS) allows you to easily manage the firmware of Thin Clients running eLux.

The ELIAS 18 front-end is platform-independent and easy to use. It helps administrators keep their firmware images up-to-date with the latest software packages, always with regard to compatibility between all packages and components.

ELIAS 18 ensures that all software packages required for an operational image are included, checks software dependencies and avoids version mismatches. Required packages are automatically identified and requested. You can even choose whether ELIAS 18 should always provide the latest version of a specific software package and, at the same time, you need not worry about compatibility with other packages.

Technical Preview hint
Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18 Technical Preview offers the functionality described in our uDocs, which will be extended in future versions. Please use this version accordingly in your environment. We look forward to your feedback about your experiences with Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18 Technical Preview.

Scout Enterprise ELIAS 18.0.0 TP