Scout 15 2312 released

21 Dec 2023

Enhancements of Scout 15 2312

  • System message for the Scout admin if monthly MSP license report was not sent successfully
  • System message for the Scout admin in case of missing user logon for monthly MSP license reporting
  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 3.0.12 due to critical vulnerability CVE-2023-5363
  • Display of the number of assigned devices before deleting an OU

Further enhancements for Scout Board:

  • Display of the eLux 7 partition information in the device properties
  • Deletion of Dynamic Device Groups
  • Configuration option for LDAP(S) for different domains
  • Configuration settings for the device password
  • Separate logging of device password changes
  • REST API extended by an endpoint for OUs



Scout 15 2312