Scout 15 2309 and eLux RP 6 2302 LTSR CU2 released

11 Oct 2023

Enhancements of Scout 15 2309

  • System message for the Scout admin before expiration of the MSP license reporting certificate
  • Support for ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server
  • Upgrade to OpenSSL 3.0.9 due to critical vulnerability CVE-2023-0464
  • Upgrade of ImageMagick to version
  • Column "Assigned" removed from Advanced options / Predefined IDFs

Further enhancements for Scout Board:

  • Base device configuration and device configurations for selected devices and organization units
  • Enhanced filtering features, saving filter views, defining and using a default view
  • Export of filter results in CSV format for further processing or analysis
  • Command templates for devices or organization units
  • Firmware update for devices or organization units
  • Indicator for compatibility of devices with eLux 7 in dashboard and in device lists
  • Assign OU for devices depending on OU filter
  • REST API endpoint for a device (get device information, add | delete | rename | move a device)
  • Improved selection of devices to perform actions and manage their properties


Enhancements of eLux RP 6 2302 LTSR CU2

  • Long Term Service Release Cumulative Update 2
  • Modified partition layout that provides more space on the system partition for software installation
  • Initial window size after starting the Bultin web browser
  • Restarting the Cisco AnyConnect VPN GUI after a device restart
  • Printing from Chromium web browser to an auto-detected printer
  • User message about configuration change after receiving a deviating OU ID via DHCP
  • Transmission of the primary MAC address for display in the Scout Console after updating the eLux version
  • Support of Fluendo codecs within Citrix Browser Content Redirection
  • Minor bugfixes


Client Hardware Compatibility

The hardware models supported by this eLux RP version can be found on in the relevant download section under Certified Hardware.



Scout 15 2309

eLux RP 6 2302 LTSR CU2