Scout 15 2209, eLux RP 6 2209, SCG 1.2209 and ELIAS 18 2209 released

18 Oct 2022

Enhancements of Scout 15 2209

  • Scout Board for intuitive device management via a web browser with new UI/UX concepts
  • Warning message when more devices are imported than licenses available
  • Definition of a root OU also for FollowMe Desktop
  • 'Switch on' command added to the Scout command interface SCMD
  • Display SCG connection status of a device
  • Automatic tenant assignment for new devices with Scout in MSP mode
  • Bugfixes and security enhancements

Enhancements of eLux RP 6 2209

  • Firefox 102.1.0 ESR
  • Zoom Citrix Plugin
  • Zoom Client for Linux
  • Cisco Webex Teams VDI Client
  • Cisco Webex Meetings VDI Client 42.10.5
  • Philips Speech Drivers 13.1.14
  • Files that have been transferred from Scout via file transfer are automatically deleted when no longer configured in Scout
  • Display the deferment dialog also for firmware updates via 'Check for new version on start'
  • Improved detection of Scout instances in environments with multiple servers
  • Bugfixes and security enhancements


Enhancements of Scout Cloud Gateway 1 2209

  • New update process based on Debian package
  • New dashboard to display all important KPI's
  • Simplified and optimized cluster creation, management and operation
  • Improved cluster stability and status information in the Gateways view


Enhancements of ELIAS 18 2209

  • UI enhancements for the installer
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes and security enhancements


Client Hardware Compatibility

The hardware models supported by this eLux RP version can be found on in the relevant download section under Supported Hardware.




Scout 15 2209

eLux RP 6 2209

Scout Cloud Gateway 1 2209

ELIAS 18 2209