Scout Cloud Gateway 1 2201 and ELIAS 18 2201 released

26 Jan 2022

Enhancements of Scout Cloud Gateway 1 2201

  • New table views with enhanced filtering and sorting functions
  • Configurable certificate validity and automated renewal options
  • Improved display of the device connection overview
  • Filter for Last contact and Certificate validity in the Devices view
  • Display of VPN address in Devices view
  • Colored status indicators for gateway icons and certificate icons
  • Bugfixes and security enhancements

Enhancements of of ELIAS 18 2201

  • ELIAS file management supports .udf and .cab files for UEFI updates
  • AD authentication supports MS DC Locator service
  • Improved AD logon dialog
  • Enhanced filtering and sorting functions in the Container Explorer
  • Bugfixes and security enhancements




Scout Cloud Gateway 1 2201

ELIAS 18 2201