New versions of applications in eLux RP 6 2110 released

07 Apr 2022

New application versions in eLux RP 6 2110

  • Zoom Client for Linux
  • Zoom Citrix Plugin
  • Cisco Jabber VDI Client 14.1.0
  • Firefox 91.6 ESR
  • Philips Speech Drivers 13.1.10
  • JabraXpress Device Updater 8.5.1-1236


Unicon products are not affected by Spring Framework vulnerability Spring4Shell CVE-2022-22950

Our products are not affected. We have no dependency to Java programs.


New code sign certificates released

Our eLux-certificates-2022 archive contains new certificates for signature verification of eLux software packages with ELIAS and during firmware updates on eLux.



eLux RP 6 2110