Scout Enterprise Management Suite® 15.5.0 LTSR and eLux® RP 6.5.0 (64-bit) LTSR released

29 Mar 2019

Enhancements of Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15.5.0 LTSR

  • Additional object rights to allow/deny access to advanced settings and free parameters for all application types
  • Extension of administrator rights for improved configuration of access to the Scout Enterprise Report Generator
  • Enhanced license management for using Fluendo System-wide Codec Pack and X3270/X5250 licenses


Enhancements of eLux RP 6.5.0 LTSR

  • Support for mobile Internet connections (WWAN) added
  • Captive Portal support for WLAN connection in the public area added
  • UEFI capsule update functionality is available for devices released by the hardware manufacturer
  • eLux-builtin web browser with kiosk mode ability added as a new application type
  • eLux clients can directly download files from a web server using a file fetch utility, e.g. to update images from a screensaver slide show
  • System-wide proxy can be configured for being used by any existing web browser applications
  • Configurable auto-request of client application licenses if application is installed
  • Additional language pack to support character encoding of various Asian languages
  • Citrix Workspace app 1901 for Linux
  • VMware Horizon Client 5.0 for Linux
  • Firefox 60.6.0 ESR
  • Chromium 72.0.3626.81
  • eLuxRDP 2.1


Important – Compatibility

The new product versions eLux RP 6.5.0 and Scout Enterprise 15.5.0 offer an improved encryption method for device passwords in addition to the certificate-based management protocol via IP port 22125 with end-to-end encryption (TLS). As a result, Scout Enterprise 15.5.0 is compatible with eLux RP 5, eLux RP 6.2 and later versions, but not with eLux RP 6.0 and eLux RP 6.1. eLux RP 6.5 clients can be managed through Scout Enterprise Management Suite 15.1.0 and later versions.

An overview of all versions can be found in our Compatibility matrix.


Security updates

Further security updates to fix the Intel and AMD processor vulnerabilities are included in the release of eLux RP 6.5.0 LTSR. The updates consist of patches for the Linux kernel and processor microcode updates for AMD and Intel chipsets. Unicon strongly recommends that you perform the relevant system updates for your eLux devices. Please note that after updating your devices, appropriate tests in your system environment are necessary to ensure that the desired functionality is still available.


Client Hardware Compatibility

The hardware models supported by this eLux RP version can be found on in the relevant download section under Supported Hardware.



Scout Enterprise 15.5.0 LTSR and eLux RP 6.5.0 LTSR