eLux® RP 5.7.3000 LTSR CU released

31 Jul 2019

Enhancements of eLux® RP 5.7.3000 LTSR CU

  • VMware Horizon Client 5.0 for Linux
  • Firefox 60.8.0 (ESR)
  • OpenVPN 2.3.11
  • Integration of kernel patches due to critical vulnerabilities (multiple CVEs such as CVE-2019-11091, CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130, CVE-2018-18445,CVE-2018-6555,CVE-2018-10938,CVE-2018-1128,CVE-2018-14613,CVE-2017-2647,CVE-2017-18255,CVE-2018-9363,CVE-2016-3841,CVE-2017-17450,CVE-2017-18079,CVE-2016-5195,CVE-2017-17806,CVE-2018-10940,CVE-2018-18397,CVE-2017-8824,CVE-2017-11176,CVE-2018-14646,CVE-2018-14625,CVE-2018-20169,CVE-2019-3701,CVE-2018-16884,CVE-2018-1094,CVE-2018-1095,CVE-2018-16882,CVE-2017-7273,CVE-2018-19407,CVE-2018-10876,CVE-2018-10877,CVE-2018-10882,CVE-2018-10880,CVE-2018-10883,CVE-2018-10840,CVE-2018-18559,CVE-2018-1066,CVE-2018-17972,CVE-2018-20169,CVE-2018-12232,CVE-2018-18955,CVE-2018-14609,CVE-2018-20764,CVE-2019-8912,CVE-2018-1126,CVE-2019-8980,CVE-2018-20784,CVE-2019-9003,CVE-2019-9162,CVE-2019-3813, CVE-2019-9500, CVE-2019-9503 and others)
  • Integration of the latest processor microcode updates for AMD and Intel chipsets
  • Upgrade of glibc due to critical vulnerabilities CVE-2016-4429, CVE-2016-3706, CVE-2016-3075, CVE-2016-1234, CVE-2015-7547, CVE-2016-6323, CVE-2015-5180, CVE-2017-1000366, CVE-2018-6485, CVE-2019-9169
  • Integration of wpa_supplicant patches due to critical vulnerabilities CVE-2019-9494, CVE-2019-9495, CVE-2019-9496, CVE-2019-9497, CVE-2019-9498, CVE-2019-9499


Security updates

Further security updates to fix the Intel and AMD processor vulnerabilities are included in the release of eLux RP 5.7.3000 LTSR CU. The updates consist of patches for the Linux kernel and processor microcode updates for AMD and Intel chipsets. Unicon strongly recommends that you perform the relevant system updates for your eLux devices. Please note that after updating your devices, appropriate tests in your system environment are necessary to ensure that the desired functionality is still available.


Client HCL

See Supported Hardware on myelux.com for the client models supported by this version of eLux RP 5.



eLux RP 5.7.3000 LTSR CU