eLux ® RP 5.0.0 released

11 Aug 2015

The new version of our base operating system eLux ® RP 5 is now available.

Enhancements of eLux ® RP 5.0.0

  • Support of the Haswell, Baytrail, Cherrytrail platforms
  • Uncompressed file system (accelerating the read/write access to the flash module)
  • Xorg XWindows system including X-Server version 1.15.1
  • MATE Desktop environment
  • Kernel version 3.14.21

See also the HCL and Release information for the client models and software functionalities supported by this version of eLux RP 5.
For the migration from eLux RP 4 to eLux RP 5 please consider the short guide on uDocs

Download eLux RP 5.0